Welcome To European Tactical Realism

European Tactical Realism is a European based relaxed realism Arma 3 unit.

About Us

About Us

European Tactical Realism is a relaxed realism unit based around Arma 3.
We run Weekly Operations (Saturdays 7PM GMT) and host a 24/7 public server running over a dozen of custom-made missions.

A Realism Arma 3 Unit That's Relaxed

We are not a full-on milsim unit, we are pretty relaxed in our Operations

  • No - "Yes Sir, No Sir!"
  • No specialisations. Choose a different role each Operation - whether you want a command role, to be a pilot or just want to chill out and have fun as a grunt.
  • Good banter when shit isn't hitting the fan.

Ask us anything on our Channels!

Public Server

Hop on our 24/7 Public server and take our custom-made missions for a spin.
Best way to get yourself some backup is to organise with people on our teamspeak or discord server.


Work the hearts and minds while dodging RPGs and roadside bombs


Unleash combined arms power in this symmetric warfare mission


Capture an entire map location by location

European Tactical Realism - Public Server
Currently playing: ETR Insurgency Mountains_ACR

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We run weekly Operations on Saturdays starting at 7PM GMT.
Our Operations are Zeus controlled by one of our members.

Operation Fullback IV - 18/06/2022 - picture by Jasper

Saturday 7PM UK Time

Our Operations run each Saturday starting at 7PM UK Time

Diverse Force Types

Each Operation uses a different force type, meaning a different experience each time

Diverse Era's and Settings

We play Operations in WW2, Cold War and Modern times. But also do some Warhammer, HALO and Stalker just for fun.


Some pictures from our Public Server and various Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We like to use the term Relaxed Realism over Semi-Milsim, however they are similar

    Relaxed Realism means using all basic tactics and formations as they are used in real life.

    However not forcing players to one role, and saying yes/no sir!

  • We play as a different force type/country each Operation. This means we get a diversity of equipment and assets.

    This will make each Operation a different experience.

  • We mainly use ACE/ACRE, alternatively we also use CUP for our public server and operations.

    However Operations can use other mods as well if the creator wants to.

  • No, if you are unable to play Operations, no worries. We understand that people have a real life as well.

  • You join ETR by going to our Discord.

    Once there you go to the #join-etr channel and follow the instructions there.

    When you get accepted you will become a Recruit and the Recruitment Process will start.

  • Once you've been accepted as a Recruit you will be able to join our Operations.

    After successfully taking part of some Operations we will make the decision to promote you to member.

    As member you are able to create Operations yourself and be able to take special roles on the public server.

  • Yes, we allow dual-clanning. However whenever you sign up for one of our Operations we expect you to be there.