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Install Guide Old

Ensure you have the following programs/ files downloaded and installed prior to starting this installation guide

Arma 3 Sync - link
Teamspeak 3 (32 or 64 bit) - link
The Public Server Auto Config File - Link

Please follow the instructions and images below to be able to join our public server

  1. QuoteDownload the Public Server Auto Config file and place the file on your Desktop - File size < 1kb
  2. QuoteOnce you have downloaded Arma 3 Sync from the link above and you installed it open up the program and if it is the first time of opening Arma 3 Sync it will ask you to locate your Arma 3  Executable - arma3.exe (If you have Steam it will be within your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3)
  3. QuoteIt is advisable to initially launch the game with Arma 3 Sync for it to pick up your in game profile, you can do this by selecting START GAME at the bottom right of the program. Exit the game as soon as you have booted to the main menu, and then restart your Arma 3 Sync
  4. QuoteOnce you have done that go back to the Launcher Options Tab and select; First your profile name in game, Second ensure No Pause is ticked, Third that No Splash Screen and Default World Empty are both ticked and Finally within the Aditional Parameters tab type in  0 1
  5. QuoteIf it is your first time using Arma 3 Sync you will need to setup your Addon Options, here you can set where Arma 3 Sync downloads the mods to (This will also check if you have any mods previously before using Arma 3 Sync) Generally you want this folder to be where your Arma 3 is installed but you can set it anywhere you would like if you wish to do so.
  6. QuoteWith the Auto Config downloaded go to the HELP bar at the top, select AUTOCONFIG and then select IMPORT, a new popup should appear
  7. QuoteWithin this popup locate your downloaded Auto Config and select OPEN, this will now update both your repositories tab and it will also automatically create the server and set the required modest for you to use to connect to the server.
  8. QuoteNow go to your Repositories Tab, you shall see that it has been populated with a single repository named - etr-public, tick the NOTIFY box so whenever you start Arma 3 Sync up and we have updated the repo it will tell you so you can update straight away. Then hit the Connect to repository button to get ready to download the files required
  9. QuoteOnce inside this tab, click on the GREEN TICK this will then check within your destination folder that you set up earlier on if you have any mods (if you DO have mods this may take some time for the first time round). Once it has fully checked click on the SELECT ALL box then press on the START button to get your download started (It will pop up once your download has been completed)
  10. QuoteIf you haven't got ACRE 2 installed, a installer will appear within Arma 3 Sync. If you haven't downloaded Teamspeak head HERE and install it, then simply locate your Teamspeak 3 Install Directory and then hit the proceed button to install ACRE 2
  11. QuoteEnsure you are running Teamspeak 3 as an Administrator as well as Arma 3 to ensure all the mods work correctly!! To do this right click on the .exe of both programs, Properties, Compatability Tab, and then tick Run This Program As An Administrator
  12. QuoteOnce you've done both of them you are ready to join our server!! Head over to our Teamspeak server @ go to the Ingame > Public Server Channel and then join the server via Arma 3 Sync. Ensure at the bottom you have got the correct server selected it should read - ETR Public Server - etr-public then press start game and then select a role in game and enjoy!!!
If you run in to any problems come onto the teamspeak and ask someone for help, we are more than willing to help you get onto the server!

Operation Breach -24/11/18
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Howdy everyone! Next Op sign up is now LIVE - http://www.tacticalrealis ... h-sign-up-241118-siz Get signed up and get involved
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