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The Past Few Days
Sharp 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Oct 2018
Howdy everyone,

Just a quick thing about what happened to the website over the past few days.

After a bit of investigation it appears iClans had a significant server failure related to DNS servers. This was a problem that affected a large number of sites across the iClans community but for some reason once it was rectified we remained affected.

To say that iClans support system was lacking is an understatement as they finally replied to my 6th email this morning to apologise for the lack of contact and to confirm that there was a severe outage on their end that for some reason didn't reset to our DNS when it came back online.

This left us without the site for 3 days until an automatic system detected the issue and reset everything so we could regain access.

Jasper and myself had concluded that part of the issue was due to a potential incompatibility between our old domain provider/registrar and iClans. Therefore (after a lot of fucking about due to brexit preventing a transfer of the domain from myself to that one out) Jasper is now controlling to domain on a new domain registrar that is hopefully more compatible than our previous provider.

All services related to the website are back up and running, including the Teamspeak via the old connection not via the direct IP connection. 

Members & Recruits please also remember that all Arma 3 Sync Repositories have been taken offline for Operations as we make a transfer for Ops to the Steam workshop to ensure that things run a hell of a lot smoother for everyone!

The Operation this weekend is a GO, and will be the first full test of a fully Zeus led operation and utilising the Steam Workshop for Operations. 

If you are able to attend please head over to the sign up page - HERE

Again thanks everyone for your patience and thank god we're back up and running!



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Welcome to ETR!
Hi there!

Welcome to European Tactical Realism!

Here at ETR you may have already seen or played on our 24/7 Public Server (If not get involved!)

Check out our Discord Server for more instant and upto date information -  HERE

We also do Operations varying across a number of Eras (Modern inc. Conventional & Special Forces & WW2 Era at this moment in time, more to follow!)

If you'd like to get involved head over to the application page located -  HERE

Pay attention to the requirements on this page as failure to adhere to these will result in your application being denied!

Any issues feel free to contact me on here or via Discord

Cheers and I hope to see you soon!

Sharp (Founder of ETR)