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Operation Heavy Cargo
6:00 PM Sat 12th Sep 2020 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Heavy Cargo

Map Name:

I Introduction
It is August 2021. On friday, approximately 0300, the CIA and State Department 
received intel on Venezuelan political officers and their activities abroad. According to our sources, Venezuelan and Cuban political officers have been attempting to use Marxist-Leninist revolutionary groups such as the FARC and the ELN in an attempt to overthrow the Columbian government and gain another Communist ally in South America. In doing so, the FARC and ELN alike have been receiving massive shipments of foreign weaponry, mostly old ex-soviet infantry equipment, but that is all they really need. In addition to that, we have recently seen an uptick in drug sales and overdose-related deaths in the United States and neighboring countries, especially since the massive increase in Guerilla activity related to or in direct result of FARC and ELN actions. Further investigation has led us to believe that in order to fund their war effort, these organizations have begun planting and selling Cocaine and Marijuana and are using the large island of Lingor to export the lot to rich countries. 

Operation Heavy Cargo aims to weaken the economic position of the FARC and ELN by systematically destroying or capturing their warehouses on the Island. This will allow Colombian forces on the mainland to push even further into Guerilla territory. Without money, the FARC/ELN will have no weapons to fight their war.

Friendly Forces:
Modern Day Colombian Forces (Ejército Nacional de Colombia) led by DEA Agents and, given the nature of the operation, a few MARSOC Operators.

Force Type:
Special forces and Dismounted Motorized

1 x Humvee armed with M2 Browning
1 x Command M-ATV
Possibility of Drone deployment if necessary.

Weather Report:
The island will be slightly foggy with a touch of rain, but nothing that can seriously impede vision. 
Mission Time:
18:30 local time
Enemy Forces:
Enemy forces consist of well trained and somewhat well equipped infantrymen, HMG Technicals and even some Recoilless Rifle-equipped Technicals. The enemy have set up a rigorous patrol system, which will make it very difficult for snipers and especially bigger squads to slip through unnoticed. We’ve only been able to spot two (they have been marked on the map), but there are bound to be far more than we know. In addition to that, the ELN has set up checkpoints defended by HMGs, making vehicular movement more difficult. Last but not least, the FARC drug money has allowed them to buy chinese mortars, a weapon they will very likely be using quite a bit throughout this operation. Be sure to run away from coloured smoke or Flares. We believe that the FARC is in possession of a BTR-60, but our sources currently deny its existence. 

High Command is currently not aware of any civilians in the area, and drone footage confirmed this today. This fact is not 100% verifiable though, so you may encounter unarmed civilians in the AO.

II Mission
Primary Tasks:
1. Find and Demolish the 3 Drug Warehouses
2. Eliminate any patrols you come across

Secondary Tasks:
1. Eliminate both mortar positions
2. Find any relevant intel if possible
3. Eliminate any checkpoints and strongholds you come across

III Execution
Commander's Intent:
The overall intent is to deny the enemy the ability to use this island as a platform to export their product Abroad and clear out any FARC/ELN on the island.
IMAGES: ... tb  

IV Administration / Logistics
Given the nature of this operation, there will be no resupply. Be sure to take as much equipment as you can.
Players respawn in waves every minute. Upon respawning, the player will have to be brought in by helicopter, which, given the circumstances, can take a very long time.

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