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Operation East Wind #1
7:00 PM Sat 11th Jul (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation East Wind #1

Map Name:
Chernarus 2020

I Introduction
The Chernarus government has received large loans from the Russian government to help stabilize the region after a devastating civil war. The terms of the loans were not negotiable and called for the formation of a coalition between nations to suppress the growing US presence in both Takistan and Vietnam.

One year later the Russian government called on the coalition now consisting of Russia, chernarus and CSAT to prepare for the liberation of Takistan and support of the pro CSAT groups in the area.
Russian and chernarus forces were supposed to take the north to east side while Chinese  forces take the south from the sea.

However the chernarus forces never arrived on the battlefield and the campaign for a free Takistan failed, the coalition blamed it on Chernarus forces never arriving on the eastern front and instead creating a gap for weapons to be brought into the county.

With worries that the chernarus government has sided with NATO a new plan was written up by the Coalition the invasion of chernarus and the installation of a puppet government to better suit the needs of the coalition.

Friendly Forces:
Russian armed forces

Force Type:

1x vodnik (medical)
2x BTR80A
1x T-90
2x MI-8 (unplayable)

Weather Report:
heavy cloud cover & light fog, Fog is expected not the impact the operation.

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
We are only expecting Chernarus army to be present in the region. However due to the recent redevelopment after the civil war, the military command structure is lacking and outdated. However enemy forces have receive large quantity of Russian equipment to modernize the army.
Intel suggests that the 12th chernarus defence force is stationed in the region but no credible proof has been given.

Lopatino, Vybor, Petrovka and Grishino are predominantly filled with civilians.

II Mission
1– Secure the military base located north of the airbase.
2– Secure the north west airfield with no significant damage to the infrastructure.
3 - (optional) clear out the nearby towns to set up forward positions and increase the foothold in the region.
4- (optional) destroy / neutralize any strategic equipment you may find. (see Strategic equipment)

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
To commence invasion of Chernarus and to establish a foothold in the country.
Avoid creating civilian casualties.

IV Administration / Logistics
Take enough supplies to support your initial invasion, Resupply is currently only available by air until we have secured a better foothold in the region.
There will be a singular respawn approximately after securing either objective 1 or 2 in the Operation, respawn will be reinserted via the supply birds

NOTES (important):
This is intended to be a campaign, this will go across several missions and your successes and failures will count towards future missions.

I am expecting at some points in this campaign that you WILL fail certain tasks and missions. You will be tested and pushed to the limits!

CSAT:china, Iran and a few north African countries

Strategic equipment
- Artillery pieces
- Static defensive turrets.
- Communication equipment + logs

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