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Operatio PINUS
7:00 PM Sat 4th Jul (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation PINUS.

Map Name:

I Introduction

June 2014:
Vladimir Putin's personal envoy Sergey Alexandrovich Markov accused Finland of extreme "Russophobia" and suggested that Finland joining NATO could start World War III.

July 2016:
Vladimir Putin stated on a visit to Finland that Russia would increase the number of troops on the Finnish border if Finland were to join NATO.
He also warned that NATO would "fight to the last Finn against Russia".

November 2019:
Finland, to shrug off once and for all the burden of Finlandisation, decided to apply for full NATO membership.

December 2019:
Despite Russian opposition, Finland reiterates her intent to join NATO.

February 2020:
Because it is unacceptable for Russia to have a neighbouring NATO country, it has decided to destabilize the Finish government by sending "Little Green Men" (Unmarked VDV troops) to secure a buffer zone and a base of operation for pro-Russian to-be guerrilla groups.

Because of the Ukrainian precedent, NATO cannot allow Russia to keep going with its antics.

You are part of the British Quick Reaction Force sent to support the Finish Defence Force.

Operation PINUS begins.

( Main storyline by Le Charles! )

Friendly Forces:
British Army.

Force Type:
Light Role Infantry Platoon.

1x Platoon Vehicle ( Land Rover ).
L118 105mm Light Gun Battery; Callsign: WHISTLER.

Weather Report:
Heavy overcast, with light - medium fog in lower altitudes.
32% chance of rain.

Mission Time:
Zero Hour: 1345.

First Light: 0857.
Last Light: 1502.

Enemy Forces:
Russian VDV.


II Mission

1. Assault through enemy defensive positions; LONDON and EDINBURGH.
2. Find and Destroy Enemy Communications; BELFAST.
3. RV with 3 Pl; CARDIFF.

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Assault through Russian defensive lines to disrupt enemy communications.

IV Administration / Logistics
You are responsible for your platoons resupply.
Cargo container at FUP contains loadable ammunition and medical crates.

2 / 3 Pl, depending on availability and force strength.

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