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Operation Weaver
7:00 PM Sat 23rd May (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation WEAVER.

Map Name:

I Introduction

After the USAF accidentally bombed a civilian compound 2 months ago, resulting in 17 fatalities, among them women and children, relations with the locals have decreased significantly.

The Taliban have used this incident to move back into the region to regain their influence.
The majority of locals have welcomed the Taliban back into the region, however village elders have aired concern that the Taliban presence will only increase civilian fatalities.

Intelligence reports IED Factories and weapon caches have been set up in the last week.

At 0410 hours, Watchkeeper ( UAV ) surveilled 4 unidentified individuals moving through irrigation ditches.
As these ditches are frequented by ANA and ISAF patrols, it is believed these individuals were setting up IEDs within the 2 marked areas.

Friendly Forces:
British Army.

Force Type:
Light Role Infantry Platoon, supported by Fire Support Group ( In fixed sangar position! ).

1x RAF Chinook transport helicopter; Callsign: TROLLEY.
Used for resupply and extraction.

Weather Report:
0% chance of rain.

Mission Time:
Zero Hour: 1548.

First Light: 0516.
Last Light: 1843

Enemy Forces:
Typically, Taliban are armed with Russian and Chinese-manufactured Kalashnikov-type assault rifles, RPK light machine guns and PKM general-purpose machine guns.
Support weaponry consists primarily of RPG-7/Type-69 rocket-propelled grenade launchers; and 82 mm mortars.

Civilian presence is high.
It is vital that no further civilian fatalities occur.

II Mission

1. Locate and destroy IEDs in irrigation ditches.
There are 2 areas marked on the map. Vallon's are available.

2. Patrol the 3 villages to locate IED Factories and weapon caches.
Any finds should be moved away from civilian property and destroyed.

3. Secure LZ at Pl RV.

III Execution

Commanders Intent:
Regain control of and maintain security presence in the region.

IV Administration / Logistics

1 Section; Chinook supply drop.
FSG; Crates inside sangar ( 6,000 7.62mm GPMG rounds available ).

ANA also operating in the area... Unless they're sleeping!

2x A-10 Thunderbolt's available as a "show of force" ONLY.
Usually keeps enemy heads down for a few minutes.

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