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Operation Gothic Serpent
7:00 PM Sat 9th May (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Gothic Serpent

Map Name:

I Introduction
Yesterday a combined raid by Task Force Ranger consisting of members from B Company, 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiement, C Squadron 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), supported by helicopters provided by 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR) was met by stiff resistance within the streets of Mohadishu. During the raid the primary target, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, eluded capture but several of his upper echelon were captured. However during the extraction phase one of the Blackhawks from 160th SOAR (Super 61) was brought down by hostile fire, our platoon has been sent to this crash site and has been able to secure it and allow extraction of the wounded and killed personel.

During this time a second Blackhawk (Super 64) was also downed roughly 1km north of your current position, we have lost communications on two 1st SFOD-D members who voulenteered to defend the crash site till you arrive, time is of the essence.

Friendly Forces:
75th Ranger Regiment
1st Special Forces Operation Detachement Delta
160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

Force Type:

1x Attack Littlebird (AH-6J)

Weather Report:

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Somali militia armed with various equipment that they can get their hands on, they also have armed and unarmed vehicles supporting their efforts

Civilian presence is low to medium, however most are fleeing the fighting areas.

II Mission

  1. Reach the downed pilot and SF team (SF and Pilot team you MUST ensure your own survival)
  2. Deny aircraft and assets to the enemy
  3. Exfil to the UN Stadium

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
To ensure that no man gets left behind, ensuring assets are denied to the enemy to prevent any further public humiliation

IV Administration / Logistics
Only at Super 61's crash site

None are comming, the last relief coloumn hit major problems and had to turn back

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