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Operation High Castle
6:00 PM Sat 18th Apr 2020 - 10:59 PM Sat 18th Apr 2020(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name: Operation High Castle

Map Name:
Streets of Berlin

I Introduction
28. of April 1945 – Late in the Battle of Berlin
Soviet troops are fighting block by block. Only burned out wrecks occupy the dusty streets. Yet, in every glassless window, stubborn defenders still resist the Red Army. Our platoon is tasked with diving into the maze of streets to dislodge two key strongholds within the city center.

Friendly Forces:
Red Army of the Soviet Union

Force Type:
Dismounted Submachinegun Platoon

1x SU-85 SPG (2x reinsertion)
1x Captured SdKfz Halftrack
1x ammo/transport truck
AI artillery:
- 2x Mortar

Weather Report:
Overcast, calm

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
German 9th Army
-          101. Armee korps – Wehrmacht
-          11. SS Panzer


II Mission
1.       Primary: Advance north to Luftwaffe Command Bunker and seize position
2.       Primary: Navigate through the city to 101. Armee Korps HQ with nearby airstrip and seize position
3.       Secondary: Destroy 11. SS Panzer targets of opportunity within the city

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
-          Unit composition: It is mandatory that platoon operates as a cohesive unit around the support gun asset. It is not allowed to reshuffle fireteam compositions. 
-          Movement: Any split off elements, including recon, is expected to stray no more than 100 meters from the main force, instead focusing on maintaining flexibility during changing ranges of engagement and maintaining quantity to sufficiently cover all directions.
-          Security: The taskforce is not expected to clear from A to B, rather maintain a zone of security as it moves between tasks. Previously covered ground is not guaranteed safe.
-          Specialization: 
o   Submachinegun section is expected to move close with the SPG to provide close security to sides and be ready to advance into close range engagement.
o   Rifle section cover the rear and cycle to the front if terrain opens up for medium range engagements. Additionally the rifle section contains a sapper, two combat medics and dedicated AT weaponry for specialized problem solving.
o   MGs in both teams stay with their fireteam for versatile firepower at all ranges.
o   Snipers will handle critical targets at medium-long range and scout the road ahead. Be aware that the submachinegun section is better suited for recon in some conditions.
o   The SU-85 support gun will act as a sledgehammer along the streets and a shield for infantry when moving against fortified positions. Make sure to support the vehicle against close-range infantry ambushes and hidden AT-gun emplacements.
o   Route: Due to the nature of the map, a lot of city areas are marked black and are thus OFF-LIMITS. Only areas visible on the map are “in play”. Do not attempt do use routes through black areas, but feel free to use every house, nook and cranny to fight from. Be aware that some buildings are destructible in a way that reveals unfinished and empty areas of the map. Ignore these and do not intentionally destroy civilian structures to bypass obstacles. Offenders will be warned, and if repeated thereafter, the player will be terminated and reported to management. The Plt. Commander may think a lot of his job is removed when he has to abide by the limited routes, however there is plenty room still for maneuver, and the terrain gives lots of other challenges that require the Plt. commander’s attention.
-          Remember – every window, corner and long straight avenue is a massive threat. Adjust pace to the conditions, and fight meter for meter as a coherent force when necessary.
IV Administration / Logistics
Rifle section along with Plt. Command will make sure to bring supplies up the rear by vehicle. Infantry and vehicle supplies should be abundant in this way, so make sure to keep supply vehicle close.
Combat medics are expected to handle cas

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