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Operation Deep Rock
8:00 PM Sat 21st Mar (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Deep Rock

Map Name:
Fapovo Island

I Introduction
Over the past few months, the local police force has uncovered a new unauthorised drug, which has the nickname ‘Glass Rocks’ after the local Commiserner Stone. Scientists are currently investigating what the side effects of this drug has. The police force will be carrying out several drug raids across the island and has asked for the British force to assist in the search by manning the nearby border checkpoints.

The few local civilians have risen up and have started to retaliate against the Police Force.    

Friendly Forces:
Local Police Force

Force Type:

2x GMG Husky
2x Land Rover
2x M939 Transport
Weather Report:
Sun with forecast of Overcast
Mission Time:
0900hrs Zulu
Enemy Forces:
Civilian presence is high.  

II Mission
To manage the islands border checkpoints for any suspicious activities and contraband. No one is allowed to enter the local police station. See Annex A for images on the checkpoints. The main checkpoint will be manned. If we have the numbers, we will also be manning the second smaller checkpoint.

See Annex B for a list of contraband.
III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Garrison the nearby Border checkpoints and carry out searches for the contraband items and obtain any information on Glass Rock.
To assist the local force with any tasks that are required.
IV Administration / Logistics
The British FOB will have supplies which the Platoon will be able to resupply from.
The local island Police force are on at a heightened level of alert. They will be carrying out local drug busts.

Annex A
Images - ... LW

Annex B
Contraband List:
Civilians are allowed to carry a weapon for self defence. This must not be bigger than a 9mm pistol unless they have a license. If in doubt, speak to the local Police Officer in the police station nearby.
Any suspect packages of substances are to be seized and handed over to the Police.

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