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Operation Inferno
8:00 PM Sat 14th Mar - 00:59 AM Sun 15th Mar (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Inferno

Map Name:
WW2: Neaville (I44)

I Introduction

25th October, 1944
The british advance through northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands has been going smoothly with great advances being made.
In the last few weeks we have been tailing a german regiment sized force as they retreated through france. They seem to have stopped and fortified their current position with Minefields and AA vehicles. As such we can't get any local air support, nor flatten their position with bombs. The little aerial reconnaissance could get, along with scout reports tell us they don't seem to have any major AT capability.

As such we are sending in 2 companies to conduct an attack. You are part of B company 2 Platoon and with the assistance of a Churchill Crocodile of the Royal Tank Regiment; your objective is to push east, breaking through the main defensive line, secure the town of Neaville and destroy enemy light AA guns to the east.

Friendly Forces:
BEF: Essex Regiment, B Company, 2 Platoon
BEF: Royal Armored Corps, Royal Tank Regiment

Force Type:

Churchill Mk VII - Crocodile
2x Jeep (1 - Ambulance)

Weather Report:
First Light time:
Mission start time:
Last Light time:

Enemy Forces:
German Wehrmacht and SS


II Mission
Push past the enemy minefields and defencive lines
Capture and secure the town of Neaville
This should be cleared up to the point you feel safe (Commander's discretion)
Eliminate enemy light AA in the form of Wirbelwind

III Execution
Commander's Intent:
As part of the first offencive push against this regiment sized force you are to eliminate the first line of defense to make way for more (fresh) friendly forces to push past and conclude the battle.

IV Administration / Logistics
Supplies given upon mission start, most can be loaded into the Jeep’s and Churchill.


Map ... FI.jpg

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