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Operation Blackout
7:00 PM Sat 25th Jan (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Blackout

Map Name:
Lythium ,FFAA

I Introduction
For weeks now we have known of an imminent Taliban attack, however we had no idea as to where this attack would be focused, or what it planned to achieve. The only information we were able to gather is its name as “خاموشی” or “Blackout”. That was until today…

As of two hours ago the friendly ISAF FOB’s; Puesto Vulcan, Iban Camp Base and Peloton Camp Base were all confirmed hit and over run. On Top of this both Green Camp Base and Fabiano Camp Base have gone completely silent. 

The loss of Green Camp Base would cause a major weakness in our defences since it provides a QRF to the only local ISAF Radio tower (currently operated by British Forces). On top of this FabianoCampBase Lies at the edge of the town of Arobster of which currently holds the local ISAF HQ.

You are part of 4 Para, reserves. Your Platoon is currently located at Mikis FOB Due to the FOB’s size and location it has been deemed as too high a risk to hold and High Command has decided the best course of action is to move you down to GreenCampBase to reinforce and hold assuming they are still there. 

Friendly Forces:
US army: 16th Infantry Regiment
Canadian Army: The Lorne Scots Regiment
Afgan Army: 217th Corps
New Takistani Army: 15th Infantry Division
BAF: 4th Infantry Brigade
BAF: Royal irish Regiment
BAF: 4th Parachute Regiment, B Company, 3 Platoon - Reserves (Players)
Supported by 1 medic from 16 CSMR 

Force Type:

2x Coyote P HMG
1x Panther CLV

Weather Report:
First Light time:
Start time:
Last Light time:

Enemy Forces:
Highly organised Taliban Fighters
Typically, Taliban are armed with Russian and Chinese-manufactured Kalashnikov-type assault rifles, RPK light machine guns and PKM general-purpose machine guns.
Support weaponry consists primarily of RPG-7/Type-69 rocket-propelled grenade launchers; and 82 mm mortars.

Civilians present. But small in numbers

II Mission
III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Withdraw from FOB Miki.
Replen equipment.
Deny any remaining equipment 
Secure Green Camp Base.
Await further orders

IV Administration / Logistics
Replen from FOBs. 


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