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Operation Lex Anathema
8:00 PM Sat 8th Feb (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name: Lex Anathema

Map Name:

I Introduction

Anno domino 6.500.998.M41
Account of events by Scribe Urdo Exceptis aboard Imperial Frigate Indomitus
The Third War of Armageddon is upon us!
so has it been decreed by the highest authority itself. The men of weaker faith lament that we have yet to see the end of the second war. By the grace of the emperor we have chased and fought the Xenos for a century from Armageddon to the Atabar cluster, but alas we have failed our most sacred task, to purge the Xenos from these worlds so that they may not rise again. Many Imperial worlds here now lay barren in nuclear fire. Once great human Hive cities are scourged in fire, Yet to spite our sacrifice, the Xenos filth runs so deep into the crust of the planet that no flame can reach. An all of these planets and moons, the greenskin pest springs forth anew despite our vigilance. Countless battles ago, we were a mighty warfleet, but in these dark moments, the Indomitus is the last light in the sky. Before we heed the summoning call from Hiveworld Armageddon, we must decisively rid Atabar of the Xenos, lest terrible greenskin warlords are released unto the galaxy. By the emperors will, we have warded Atabar until death. I see the final death is upon this world, by which the second war can end, and the third begin.
Imperial Navy Frigate Indomitus will deploy taskforces to a few key planets in the Atabar Cluster in an attempt to curb the Xeno growth. The long-serving 351st Siege regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg will deploy on the Surface of Tombworld Atus. Tombworld Atus was a small but rich rare metals source, which has supplied the Imperial Forgeworlds in the past. To facilitate the massive mining operation, the solid metallic planetary core has been held in stable rotation by advanced geomagnetic stations. Without this intervention, the planet is prone to massive earthquakes and cannot maintain an atmosphere due to lacking magnetic polarization. Aging installations has kept the polarization stable since humans inhabited the planet, but they are failing. As well as a mining operation, the planet has also been a staging point for military operations and the hollowed crust contains a large sealed complex with a substantial nuclear arsenal. We will utilize the remaining polarization installations to intentially destabilize the rotation of the planet core and trigger a catastrophic event, sanctified by the Emperor. With the forces of rock and nuclear fire will the xenos scum be exterminated and the remaining arsenal be destroyed so that we can leave for Armageddon. The Emperor be praised.

Friendly Forces:
Death Korps of Krieg - 351st Siege Regiment
Oberon Class Imperial Frigate ‘Indomitus’

Force Type:
Mechanized Infantry


2x Chimera IFV (Turret: Autocannon, hull: heavy bolter, 6x passenger Lasrifle ports)
1x Sentinel Walker (Lascannon)
1x Trojan Command vehicle
Orbital firesupport as needed

Weather Report:
Toxic dust storm, est. 700m visibility

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Countless greenskin Xenos (Orkz)
Any Ork contraption possible, as well as looted Imperial weaponry.

Status: Deleo

II Mission

Phase 1: Advance south from deployment zone through Greenskin fortifications
- Primary: Locate Geomagnetic Polarization installation
- Secondary: Investigate Astra Militarum Bunker (location marked on map)
- Secondary: Confirm status of 22nd garrison
Phase 2: Restore function of polarization installation
- Further orders at this point

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Movement by commanders discretion, including entering urban areas, however, take note that orks hold the subsurface and can materialize out of seemingly deserted ruins, via covert tunnel and dug-outs.
Utilize assets and supports freely to further mission success.
The subsurface is entirely in the control of the orks, however a small garrisonforce has maintained some degree of control over the surface of Atus until recently. If possible, determine the fate of the garrison forces and aid as needed. The commanding officer has been provided sealed orders to hand to the garrison commander, should he be alive.
Navy command is not able to brief you further on the situation as the exact location of the Geomagnetic Surfacehub is not archived in the databanks. To compensate, Indomitus will relocate to a geostatic close orbit after deployment and be on standby allowing direct mission support and latency-free commandnet.
Take note that the Trojan Command vehicle is your Long-distance Vox relay. Should onboard installations be

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