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Operation Chamber - 7/12/19
7:00 PM Sat 7th Dec 2019 - 11:59 PM Sat 7th Dec 2019(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation CHAMBER.

Map Name:

I Introduction

Altis is a key strategic position for a UK Early Warning Radar (EWR).

UK - Altian negotiations begin early 2019.
The Altian government quickly conclude that an EWR presence makes Altis a target and negotiations collapse and permission is denied.

The following month an attempted coup d'état by the Freedom Independence Army (FIA) erupts into civil war.AAF (Altian Armed Forces) controls Western Altis with the FIA controlling the east.

After several major defeats, FIA Commander Kostas Stavrou requests military assistance from UK and US governments.
President Donald Trump, during a press conference, responds;
'Listen up, [SIC] Kotis Stavrat. We don't help [SIC] Puerto Greekans... Or wherever you people are from.'

UK government open negotiations with the FIA and an agreement to install an EWR on Altis soil is swiftly met.
UK government deploys a provisional 4,000 personnel to East Altis to assist the FIA.
In a press conference, President Donald Trump remarks; 'I don't know why the Brits are going over there... There are no golf courses!'

2 months in the AAF, with superior air defences and long range artillery, impede efforts of advance.
World media outlets report mass civilian casualties claiming UK - FIA coalition responsible.
FIA Commander Kostas Stavrou responds; 'These allegations have been fabricated by AAF propagandists!'.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson declines comment.

Anti-War protesters flood the streets of London with violent clashes between police.
23 protesters and 5 police officers dead with property damage estimated at £250 million.
Under pressure, Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers UK commanders an ultimatum; 'Victory in 3 months or complete military withdrawal'.
UK - FIA coalition commanders formulate a new strategy and an additional 7,000 UK personnel are deployed to East Altis.

Friendly Forces:
British Army.
1 Company operating within the vicinity of your TAOR.
See Mission for company tasking.

Force Type:
Infantry Platoon.

1x Pl Veh (Coyote Logistics HMG).
Ammunition for Pl veh weapons available from large crates.

1x Quad Bike. This can be loaded into / on to Pl Veh.
Quad Bike can carry 2 crates to resupply a section.

(Non-playable assets)
AS-90 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery Battery. ( Callsign: WHISTLER )

Weather Report:
Clear day, medium south - north winds.

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Combined Arms Company - Altian Armed Forces.
Don't worry. AAF kit has been altered.

Civilians, on both sides, have been evacuated from the front line.
However due to recent events you MUST NOT attack:
Civilians (unless they are taking a direct part in hostilities).
Civilian buildings or property, including cultural property.

II Mission
1 Pl;
1. ATTACK AT Posts to allow resupply convoy access to the TAOR.
2. CAPTURE Arty FO position.

2 Pl; SEIZE position south of Arty FO to GUARD 1 Pl ADVANCE.

3 Pl; HOLD in reserve.

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
PENETRATE enemy lines to DISRUPT enemy artillery.

IV Administration / Logistics
1 Pl responsible for own resupply.
Cargo container at FUP contains loadable ammunition and medical crates.

2 and 3 Platoon on standby.

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