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Mini - Operation Twilight
7:00 PM Tue 19th Nov - 9:30 PM Tue 19th Nov (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:

Map Name:
Bra_Minihattan (featuring a 4 stations metro system !)

I Introduction
Following the failure of last month's impeachment inquiry targeting the US president, a Coup has been staged by prominent US military and political leaders.

Following those events, the whole country crumbled into civil war, causing major concerns in the international community due the country's nuclear arsenal.
The strong anti-Russia rhetoric employed by putschist leaders, a plausible threat of nuclear weapons exchange, and because why the hell not ?! We invaded the US during operation RED DAWN.

Our campaign was an outstanding success and we are now silencing the last pockets of resistance, while operating within the MINUSUS mandate (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the United States).

Our platoon, Shashlik 2, is assigned to the Manhattan sector.
We have recently uncovered strong intel on a prominent US terrorist cell operating in NYC, they are known as "The Wolverines".

Friendly Forces:
Northern Fleet's 874th Naval Infantry Battalion
(Russian Naval Infantry)

Force Type:

2x GAZ Tigr

Weather Report:
Clear Sky, Waxing Crescent

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
US Army
Resistance fighters

Present in non Russian controlled sectors, as curfew is not enforced.

II Mission
1. We have pinpointed a MANPADS cache located in South Manhattan. Destroy it.
2. The Wolverines are using the subway tunnels as temporary FOBs to stage hit-and-run attacks. Storm the tunnels between Macaron, Champignon and Blue Dog stations and clear them of any enemy presence.

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Disrupt the Wolverines operations in South Manhattan.

IV Administration / Logistics



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