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Mini-Operation Blackline
8:30 PM Wed 13th Nov 2019 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Blackline

Map Name:

I Introduction
For the past few years, Russia has been building up forces to effectively start a new world war. As part of NATO’s Rapid Reaction Force we have been deployed to assist US forces in the region and to defend against a potential Russian Invasion of Germany

12 Hours ago, diplomatic channels with Russia went silent and NATO was put on its highest alert status. All our forces have been mobilised and a Pathfinder force arrived soon after however the weather has now prevented a full airborne insertion of our forces. Our force is an advanced scouting element with the main force arriving behind us in due course.

The Pathfinder element went silent approximately 1 hour ago in the area of Stocken and we need to head straight to their location to ensure they are just having radio communication issues

Friendly Forces:
British Army

Force Type:

Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Weather Report:

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Unknown, however if the Russians do have any involvement expect elements of the VDV and main Army forces

Civilians are still within the area

II Mission
  1. Locate the Pathfinder force and ensure they can complete their task

III Commanders Intent
To ensure the security of Europe from potential Russian aggression

IV Administration / Logistics
Supplies are at the FARP and can be loaded into the vehicles


Still at least 2 hours away at the earliest

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