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Battle of Klendathu (Special)
6:00 PM Sat 26th Oct 2019 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Battle of Klendathu

Planet Name:

I Introduction
In the months following the Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires, the United Citizen Federation sped across the galaxy in a campaign against Klendathu.

Sky Marshal Dienes planned landing troops in a mass swarming assault across the planet. Waves of Mobile Infantry troopers would be brought to the surface in the initial offensive. After securing the initial beachhead, the forces would fan out and eradicate any bugs they came across.

We are expecting heavy resistance once we have landed. Our Forces task is to secure current LZ and move our expanding out hold on the area. We also been tasked to check the status on one drop ship that went down near our location. However out primary task is to take out any bugs hole we see while pushing out.

Friendly Forces:
United Citizen Federation

Force Type:

Supplies at drop off.

Weather Report:
Dusty Dry Day

Planet Time:

Enemy Forces:

Klendathu expected bugs home world

II Mission
1) Push out from our beachhead securing it allowing setup of defenses.
2) Check the status of one drop ship that landed near us.
3) Find and locate bug holes. Nuke them.
4) Kill as many bugs as you see

III Execution
Commander's Intent:

Move out from LZ towards crash site making sure to deal with any bug holes you see on route.

IV Administration / Logistics
Possible resupply available at crash site.

To many forces to manage arranging backup.

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