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Operation Animus
7:00 PM Sat 12th Oct 2019 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Animus

Map Name:

I Introduction
2 Days have passed following the relief of FOB Drift…

Upon the arrival of the american relief column the Insurgents fled to re-organize and restock their equipment and supplies. During this time friendly forces were able to capture some of the injured insurgents that were left by their friends and take them in for “questioning”. From this they were able to gain key intelligence about the local insurgent operation.

It turns out that the insurgents are being lead by a “Conner Bean”. Once a US army major, now working against them. His experience in and knowledge of how NATO forces operate could prove devastating if we allow him to keep operating, as such an immediate plan has been drawn up to eliminate him.

He is likely held up in one of the four main strongholds / warehouses that are suspected to be stockpiling equipment, vehicles and weapons. These locations were squeezed out of the same captured insurgents.

Since the americans had the relief force in the area they wanted to lead the way in the assault against this warlord, however british High Command have decided that it is a mission that they will undertake as a direct response to the assault on FOB Drift. As such the americans have been sent off to follow intel relating to an Insurgent aircraft storage that was located off in a different direction.

Friendly Forces:

Force Type:
British Motorized Platoon

1X Panther CLV
2X Foxhound LPPV
2X Husky TSV
1X Challenger 2

Weather Report:
clear skies

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Large numbers of defending Insurgents, Likely with QRF support

The towns, local to the Stockpiles, should be empty due to the Insurgent Presence
Away from this civilian presence is likely

II Mission
Assault each stronghold / warehouse. Starting with the warlords Palace.
Locate Any weapon stockpiles and the warlord “Conner Bean”
If the warlord is found secure him
Call HQ once you have secured each point so reinforcements can be sent in to hold and take stock of insurgent assets.

III Execution
Commander's Intent:
Find “Conner Bean” and deny any equipment or supplies

IV Administration / Logistics
By air - if resupply is needed, secure a viable LZ for a helicopter to supply the vehicles / troops

Men on standby to garrison the points as you take them.

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