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D-Day - WW2 Joint Op w/UNS
5:00 PM Sat 6th Jul 2019 - 10:00 PM Sat 6th Jul 2019(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name: Overlord

Map Name: WW2: Omaha (I44)

I Introduction

After many years of Nazi occupation the time has come after many years and months of planning to begin the liberation of Europe. The Allied task force is to make landfall across several beaches across the Normandy coastline codenamed: Omaha, Utah, Sword, Gold and Juno. D-Day is approaching and after a number of significant weather delays we have been given the green light to commence Operation Overlord.

In the early hours of June 6th Airborne forces have dropped behind German lines in order to secure key locations to enable us to establish a beachhead without the immediate fear of German counter attacks upon the fledgling beachhead.

We are members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and are going to be making landfall upon Omaha beach within the next few hours, our beach has been bombarded by the USAF and RAF over several days so hopefully enemy defences are not too severe and we can make good headway to link up with Airborne forces beyond the beach.

Our force is the Second wave of the assault on Omaha Beach

(Please see Section VII and read as this contains important information about both the medical/respawn system for this mission)

II Mission
Commanders Intent:

As a combined task force effort by naval infantry assault we are to storm and secure our sector of Omaha beach and begin the liberation of Nazi occupied France and Europe.


  1. Make Landfall at Les Moulins and secure the following defensive trenches:

  • Trench #1
  • Trench #2
  • Hilltop Trench #1
  • Hilltop Trench #2
  1. Secure Les Moulins Village
  2. Secure the town South of Les Moulins - Designated Les Moulins (South)
  3. Link up with Airborne forces at the town of Le Bray
III - Player Units/Force Type
Friendly Forces:

2nd Ranger Battalion (US Army)

Force Type:
Dismounted - Naval Infantry Assault

4 Man Engineer Team

IV - Mission Information
Weather Report:

Mission Time:
06:45 (In Game)

V - Enemy/Civilian/IED Reports
Enemy Forces:
Rommel has set up a hefty defensive network and has created several hard strong points/trench systems across Normandy.

The German army that are present are here en-mass and have a large number of units in reserve. Enemy armour however is understood to be on the outskirts of Caen and not an immediate threat.

Expect enemy forces to have Static MG emplacements, AT weaponry and numerous small arms across their force.

They will have also reinforced their positions with barbed wire, some regions have been identified as minefields, these are to be avoided at all costs until the engineer regiment in following waves have secured these minefields

All civilians have fled the area

VI Administration / Logistics
Resupply will only be available once the beachhead is suitable secured, however if during phase 1 and you respawn, supplies will be available before you head back into the fight

Medical system is basic and includes the SAM splint system, medics can treat fully across the entirety of the map.

Phase 1 - Landings -

Respawn will be your reinforcements, the Zeus will handle the respawn waves and ensure that units are suitably lead before they are let back onto boats and onto the beach. You will not be allowed to swap and change loadouts or roles

Phase 2 - Post Landings -


VII - Additional Information/Maps

• All forces will have to press F, or the Shift + Tilde key to take their weapons off safe before heading into combat

• All troops have been issued with a significant amount of ammo however you can supplement that before you head towards the beach
• You all have Ear Plugs

• You all have Entrenching Tools
• Only Command Elements and Medics have access to Maps

• Only PLT Commander and Sgt have radios (117’s after the last ww2 op issues with the 77 radio)
This is both a Command specific and Grunt specific note:

Event though the landings and phase 1 is a respawn system, please treat your lives as sacred.

Treat the situation tactically and use all available cover and tactics to achieve your objectives in the first phase. It will be difficult, hence the respawn being allowed here, but do try to think tactical about the situation and your individual objectives as you clear our the enemy defensive

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