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Operation Lightfall
6:00 PM Sat 1st Jun 2019 - 10:59 PM Sat 1st Jun 2019(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Lightfall

Map Name:
Chernarus - Autum

I Introduction
Over the previous months the Liberal and Western influenced Government if Chernarus has been dealing with a large number of terrorist attacks, the worst of which last month claimed over 300 lives in a combined gun and bomb attack across several cities in the region.

Below is a timeline of events that have lead to our intervention here:

72 hours ago, the local terror groups combined and commenced what appeared to be a military coup in which the Army collapsed and the vast majority of their hardware has been captured and used against the government.

48 hours ago, our task force arrived in the region ahead of a combined NATO taskforce, we were put on 1 hour alert in case we were required to respond to support government forces that are still loyal to the West. The government officially collapses and they head into hiding, the head of all the terror groups comes forth and states that Chernarus and the Army is now loyal to him. We understand him to be going by the name Lom Kishiev.

12 hours ago, initial reports come in via social media that the new government forces have started to use combined gun and chemical attacks upon local civilians.

6 hours ago, satelite images come in and confirm mass casualty event occuring in a number of locations across the region, new army General issues warning to NATO taskforces in the region that they will open fire on vessels in the region if they remain in the region any longer than the end of the day. Our taskforce is set to 30 minute alert and vessels are prepared and ready for combat.

45 minutes ago, 2x SCUD missles are launched from the mainland towards our advanced taskforce, they are engaged and destroyed by CWIS systems, communications from the island state they are claiming a hit upon our fleet.

Friendly Forces:
22 Regiment SAS & Royal Navy - Apache

Force Type:
Naval Landing

1x Apache AH1 -  Multi
2x LCVP Mk5 Landing Craft
1x Landrover Ambulance

Weather Report:

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Mixture Terrorist Forces loyal to the new goverment and Army forces now loyal to the new government, assets unknown but expect them to have a multitude of vehicles under their control

Most civilians are still living within the operational area

II Mission
- Secure Balota Airstrip and prevent hostile forces from retaking the position
- Locate & Destroy SCUD launchers
- Deny any military assets from the enemy

Once complete await furthers for additional tasks

III Execution
Commanders Intent:
Assist government forces loyal to the West in regaining control and also investigating potential warcrimes

IV Administration / Logistics
By airdrop


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