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Operation Observer - 13/04/19
7:00 PM Sat 13th Apr 2019 - 11:59 PM Sat 13th Apr 2019(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:

Map Name:
CLA Clafghan

I Introduction
under operation Observer a Coalition forces is sent to Afghanistan to help cho cho tribe to fight the rising threat of both terrorist groups and Russian insurection in the area. four months into the deployment of the coalition forces in the region local tribal leaders have informed the afgan army that there have been increased sighting of insurgent forces in nearby regions. the local armed forces are under equiped and lack training. under our "observer" role we have a secondary tasking to eliminate possible informants inside the afgan army and eliminate local terrorist cell operation in and around the region.

2 weeks ago a nearby base was hit by a IED killing 20 afghan soldiers and 2 US advisors inside the compound. the act of terror was claimed by IS in de name of the caliphate. After the attack the Coalition forces within the region were retasked to deal with the ongoing issues inside the region.
Friendly Forces:
Afghan national Army, Afghan national police
Force Type:
British Royal Marines, Dismounted / Mounted motorized
2x landrover (GPMG)
1x landrover (ambulance)
2x coyote (HMG)
1x DAGOR (unarmed)
Weather Report:
clear skies
Mission Time:
6:00 am
Enemy Forces:
insurgents, terrorist groups and possible russian volunteer forces
present inside the ao,
II Mission
- interview local tribal leaders about enemy troop movements in the region.
- Investigate reports on local IS leader
III Execution
Commanders Intent:
act apon intel given by tribal leaders at meeting point
IV Administration / Logistics
- FOB RIOT (training base)
- FOB Onix (afgan army HQ)
Afghan national police and Afghan national army

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