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Operation Regicide
8:00 PM Sat 5th Jan 2019 - 00:59 AM Sun 6th Jan 2019(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Full Briefing

Operation Name: Operation Regicide

Map Name: Chernarus

I Introduction
Destabilized by 4 years of dismantled government, Chernarus has splintered into multi-factionalized civil war. Daily skirmishes are fought in the streets by political groups, former police and local militias, while ordinary civilians go to work and try to get by under provisional law. The dire balance of factions are threatened by recent intervention from the Russian Federation as favor has been shown to one political group. Without any fighting, the Russians have been allowed to take direct control of the southern coast, and are now staging to delve deeper into the war-torn country.
The Russians have no part in this conflict and we must cut the head of the serpent before it strikes. We are fighting for our claim to sovereign Chernarussian democracy, and as we were once soviet pawns, we will not bow to new Russian masters today. We strike at General Fedor Smilniya, the architect of this greedy intervention and force the Russians to reconsider.

Friendly Forces:
We have gathered a small group of devoted militia fighters. We are well supplied with soviet bloc small arms and support weapons as the Russians are selling to all factions without discrimination. Individual items are in short supply.
We expect no support from other resistance cells.

Force Type:
Dismounted - infiltration

A handful of civilian vehicles for transport of weapons and personnel.
Adequate supply of soviet bloc arms, including grenades, mines, AKs, RPKs and RPG-7s
Off-site negotiater

Weather Report:

Mission Time:
Summer - 0700

Enemy Forces:
Russian Army with motorized support
Russian air, mechanized and armored assets in the vicinity

High civilian presence - We gain nothing by hurting civilians, however, the locals are considered traitors and appeasers of the Russians by not putting up any resistance. Civilian lives will not be put ahead of the success of the task.

II Mission
Phase 1
Deploy advance teams immediately to gather accurate live intelligence on enemy strength and deployment in Chernogorsk and suburbs.
Main teams will prepare transport of arms, plan and brief the strike based on intel from advance teams.

Phase 2
Main teams deploy in Chernogorsk, without alerting the Russians, in and around the main square.
Once set up, strike and decisively cripple the Russian forces present and take the city.

Phase 3
3A Secure captives (HIGH PRIORITY Viktor Smilniya, along with any soldiers and civilians) - maintain status quo as negotiations proceeds.
3B Either fortify the main square or move to another better fortifiable/concealed position in preparation of Russian response.

III Execution
Commanders Intent:

Ground command has supreme authority on the execution on this mission. High Command will only provide intelligence on a macro level and handle negotiations.
It is commanders intent that advance teams are used extensively to provide optimal conditions for success, either as distant spotters (Industry area north of Chernogorsk provides high elevation) and/or as infiltrators posing as civilians with only concealed arms in the center of Chernogorsk. Surprise is key.
Based on intel gathered, the mission commander and team leaders will adapt the plan live. Deploy without arousing suspicion, by packing all suspicious gear in crates and transport concealed as close to the square as possible. It is NOT advised to interact with roadblocks, or to move in groups larger than 2-3 individuals at all times – however, if interaction with Russians becomes necessary, it may be safer to comply to search and/or custody than to blow the cover of the entire operation. Minor confrontation may raise the alertness but should only warrant hostility to the individuals involved.  The Russians may change schedule if multiple incidents happen.
The main square is under tight control as Fedor Smilniya will go on stage to address the locals personally to secure support. We suspect this will be the best opportunity to strike. Take care not to violate restricted areas and checkpoints while posing as civilians.
Once confrontation is required, strike hard! Our negotiations are affected by the decisiveness of the engagement and securing hostages. Make sure captives survive the fighting and consider making it publicly visible to the Russians that we hold Fedor Smilniya and many captives. Avoid a longdrawn engagement, as the Russians will not back off if they believe they can still take control of the sit

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