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Operation Skyfall
7:00 PM Sat 1st Dec 2018 - 11:59 PM Sat 1st Dec 2018(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name: 
Operation Sky fall

Map Name: 
Isla Abramia

I Situation: 
We are tasked by sanctioned by the UN to get boots on the ground under operation Abramia, the operation is a coalition between the US and UK forces. we are deployed out of Braz army base on a small island to the south east of the archipelago group of Abramia. We are under the UN charter for Peacekeepers, our main priority is to maintain the peace and to investigate claims of war crimes and weapons of mass destruction.

After the success of operation Landslide we learned that we need to take more drastic measure to ensure an end to the violations of human rights and the now confirmed presence of weapons of mass destruction. the UN has agreed to step up and has sent more troop to the isla duala. The independent contractors tasked with defending the contact have moved base but not before handing there old base over to our command. friendly forces have also moved into the town of Rybak and are functioning as a QRF force if needed. even though the operation landslide was a success the enemy has taken back ground after our last encounter however we did manage to deal a significant blow to the enemy equipment.

Friendly Forces: 
Player faction is US army 
United States Marine Corps & British Army in support

Force Type: 
Mounted / dismounted Mechanised

See Logistics

Weather Report: 

Mission Time: 

Enemy Forces: 
Rebel and government forces

Isla Abramia is a war torn region and civilians are expected to be stuck in the area so exercise caution 

II Mission: 
Investigate the reports of war crimes and weapons of mass destruction.

III Execution: 
Commanders Intent: 
allow no lose of land to the enemy and secure remaining bases on the north part of the island

IV Administration / Logistics 

Supplies are available via air insertions from Braz army base.
Supplies are present in Saira army base.

Rybak QRF Base, Army base Braz.

2x M113A3 with mounted weapons (APC)
1x M113A3 without weapons (medical APC)

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