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Operation Aqua
7:00 PM Sat 10th Nov 2018 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:   
Operation Aqua

Map Name: 

I Situation: 
Summer of 2010 local insurgency forces keep attacking and harassing a local BAF base that is undermanned and lacking gear. Resulting in them being able to damage and destroy some oilrigs in the area. 
As a by-product they have managed to damage a local water pumping facility’s resulting in a shortage of water in hottest time of year. 
The local insurgence have given a warning out to the locals over the last few days, those towns who accept our aid will be resisting their cause. We need to show the locals that this will not stop us from trying to help.  
Our patrol to deliver supplies will be leaving after the morning patrol returns from their daily routine. 
Friendly Forces:   
British Army

Force Type: 
Dismounted Motorized

Jackal x1 Landrovers/Trucks

Weather Report: 

Mission Time: 

Enemy Forces: 

A lot, most people in local area have nowhere else to go. Uplifting and relocating resulting in most returning to old homes.

II Mission: 
Guarded humanitarian relief mission to local towns as insurgent force have hitting civilian relief water shipments. 

There is a chance of IED’s, However main roads should have been cleared by the morning patrol.

III Execution: 
Commanders Intent: 
Deliver Supplies to towns while protecting local population.

IV Administration / Logistics 

Resupply : 

Unplanned. Available at delayed request.

Mechanized Response

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