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ETR Halloween
7:00 PM Sat 27th Oct 2018 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Halloween

Map Name:
Malden 2035

I Situation:
As of 21:00 hours contact was lost with the NATO Airbase on the Northern side of Malden, the base commander issued a coded signal indicating the base was under attack a signal was sent back to achieve more information but the signal was not recieved. However a secure email was sent indicating that they were investigating something and that more information would be on this laptop in the Air Traffic Control Tower as they couldn't actually send the information in time.

We are stationed just off the coast in the USS Liberty and we need to make a speedy assault on the airfield, one to secure the airbase and two to figure out what actually happened. We have been given carte blanche to achieve this goal, this means it is your discretion on how to achieve this goal even if it is a foreign force that is acting the agressor.

Friendly Forces:
US Navy Seals

Force Type:
Naval Assault/Motorised

See Logistics

Weather Report:
Minor Fog

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:

Malden is a peaceful region and civilians are expected to be present in the area so excersise caution

II Mission:
Investigate the sudden loss of contact of Malden airbase

III Execution:
Commanders Intent:
Re-establish contact with friendly forces at the Airbase to ensure the region remains secure

IV Administration / Logistics

Supplies are available at the USS Liberty and via a helicopter insertion


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