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Operation Reawakened
6:00 PM Sat 20th Oct 2018 (GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Reawakened

Map Name:
Rosche, Germany

I Situation:
2 Weeks ago our friendly US unit got pushed out of Chernarus by the Russians, since then the Russian force has been strong and quick. 5 days ago Russians pushed through a large portion of Poland. And are close to the German border. German units are thin due to their treaty. So British troops have been send out preparing them self in Germany in the Rosche training camp. We are preparing for a push into Germany but we have no Intel to when.

Friendly Forces:
British Army Royal Marines

Force Type:


Weather Report:
Clear Early Morning

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Russians troops range from infantry to motorised to air force. We have no idea which will come so we need to prepare for all. German AAA installations will prevent an air attack so that one is ticked off.

Civilians have been evacuated to the German border.

II Mission:
Hold German ground and take out the Russian attacking forces.

III Execution:
Commanders Intent:
Hold German ground and take out the Russian attacking forces.

IV Administration / Logistics
Supplies are available back at our training camp.


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