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Operation Backstab
7:00 PM Sat 15th Sep 2018 - 11:59 PM Sat 15th Sep 2018(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Backstab

Map Name:

I Situation:

Yesterday NATO troops supporting training packages for the ANA and the ANP came under an insider attack which resulted in 2 KIA and 5+ wounded.

The individual in charge of the ANA forces fled the scene not soon after the shooting began, SIGINT (Signals intelligence) has lead us to believe that this individual is in the pocket of the Taliban. We suspect that he has fled to his old FOB with several members of the ANA that may be loyal to friendly forces.

We will be supporting a local ANP strike team who will be prosecuting an arrest warrant at the Miki's FOB, the ANP commander has requested that we assist with their assault but from a distance for it to appear clear to the local population that they are able to control the local Taliban fighters.

They have given us free reign to head nearby and to assist if they get into trouble

Friendly Forces:
US Navy Seal Strike Team


CH-47 - Chinook

Weather Report:
Clear Early Morning

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
If Taliban forces are present they will be armed with a variety of ex-Soviet bloc weaponry

Present but not expected to be in massive numbers

II Mission:
Assist with local ANP forces in the assault on Miki's FOB and to support local operations within the region

III Execution:
Commanders Intent:
Assist in transfer of power to local forces but also to ensure the security of the region

IV Administration / Logistics
Supplies are available back at our Airbase


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