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Operation Deadweight - Saturday 1st September
7:00 PM Sat 1st Sep 2018 - 11:59 PM Sat 1st Sep 2018(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:
Operation Deadweight

Map Name:

I Situation:

72 Hours ago, Terrorist forces took over the oil rig near the coast of Pyrgos they had initially demanded $3 Million dollars for the safe release of the crew aboard BP-007.

Our task force aboard USS Liberty was diverted from a planned training exercise with the British Special Forces to be in position should an armed intervention be required.

24 Hours ago, the terrorist forces who are still un-identified stated that come midnight they would execute 1 of the crew every 4 hours unless the ransom was paid....this ransom was NOT paid.

As soon as this message was sent a number of small craft where seen to leave BP-007 towards the harbor South of the main airport of Altis, we are unsure why they left but be extra vigilant.

At 00:13 on an internet web broadcast one of the crew was executed live in front of the cameras and distributed across the world, we where given the green light to enact an Rapid Action Plan against BP-007 and the hostile forces within it. We expect 3 crew members remain on board as 1 has now been executed and the vast majority fled when the attack started.

Out task is to now enact this RAP and to secure all the hostages and eliminate all enemy forces onboard BP-007, keep explosives to a minimum but flash bangs are safe to be used on board.

Friendly Forces:
US Navy Seal Strike Team


Deployed upon USS Liberty
Insertion via M2 RHIB Assault Craft

Weather Report:
Clear Night

Mission Time:

Enemy Forces:
Unknown number of armed enemy forces, unknown origin, unknown strength/equipment

3x Hostages on board BP-007

II Mission:
Rescue the crew of BP-007

III Execution:
Commanders Intent:
Prevent further civilian loss of life on board BP-007

IV Administration / Logistics
Supplies are available onboard USS Liberty


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