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Operation Magistral - Saturday 26th May - 7pm UK
7:00 PM Sat 26th May 2018 - 11:59 PM Sat 26th May 2018(GMT/UTC 0.0)
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Operation Name:

Operation Magistral

Map Name:


I Situation:

Over the past 72 hours, Soviet rhetoric has been quite sever and we were faced with a situation where the Cold War is about to boil over

The British Government has decided to send a small detatchment to Fata on the border near Pakistan just in case the Soviet forces decided to start offensive Operations against Nato and other nations.

We arrived 24 hours ago and during that time we have set up a FOB far to the North and we have established a small airfield to accommodate incoming supplies and to accommodate our Harrier jet that is now in support of our Platoon. Further forces are currently on route but are not expected here for at least 4 hours

Approximately 1 hour ago, Soviet forces cut contact with the West and have begun engagements across their frontiers we must press to the significantly protected position of Khassadar and await whatever the Soviets will throw at us. We need to effectively hold this position for as long as humanly possible, we expect them to bring a lot to bear on the position in order to gain a foothold in the region.

Friendly Forces:

Cold War British - Mechanised Movement - Defensive Posture


Harrier Fast Jet & FV432 Bulldogs

Weather Report:


Mission Time:

0730 local time

Enemy Forces:

Soviet forces using a combined arms tactics of Motorised, Mechanised and Air Assault forces. They may even have Armoured and Air support but we are not too sure of that.



II Mission:

  1. Reach Kha ssadar and defend the position until the last man

III Execution:

Commander’s Intent:

Delay the Soviet forces till either friendly forces arrive, or till we stall their attack

Movement Plan:

Commander's Discretion

IV Administration / Logistics:


It is suggested that you bring supplies to Khassadar, however, there will be some limited supplies and medical areas that can be utilised


Up to press, no decisive ETA on reinforcements or even if they will arrive


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