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ETR Skulls
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14th Apr

Here are our skulls in different countries that you are free to use.

They can be found HERE.

If iv'e missed any please inform me!
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26th Apr

any chance we could get the original template? I'm finishing my photography A level soon so will have a lot of free time in a room with lots of MAC's and Photoshop, fancy seeing if i can do something a bit more unique!
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Operation Magistral - Saturday 26th May - Sign Up
Howdy Everyone!

Next Operation sign up is now LIVE!

Head HEREto sign up for the next Cold War Operation

The Operations Repo has been updated to suit as well

Chat Box
T. Roberts 18th May
Not a shred.
T. Roberts 18th May
Definitely no possibility of doubt in my mind.
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
Yeah totally.
Maff 18th May
What? The guys equipped by the Soviet Union are on our side?
T. Roberts 18th May
We're going to have to hope the ANA step up their game :'D
Maff 18th May
That's it. Remind us all that we will be defending Khassadar from a Russian attack with half the amount of troops! Cheers, Roberts.
T. Roberts 18th May
If anyone wants a preview of what's to come next week (and trust me, you do not want to miss it!) and you don't mind the obvious self plugging - check this out: ... O9YFQKrz0RKHoKNaPP1l­
T. Roberts 17th May
Come on guys, I don't quite fancy holding off an entire Russian army from a Harrier by my self...
Lurkerchosuke 14th May
tis hard to do so while being in the army
Lurkerchosuke 14th May
I hope I'll make up time for the op
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