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Quick section Organisation (British)
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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13th Mar 2018

This is a small and very basic way of organizing your section so that it speeds up many processes that occur while out on patrol.
Be it checking on Casualties after a contact, making sure everyone is on board a vehicle and organizing your ‘OOM’ (order of march) at the start of every patrol every section member is given a number (1-8) this is according to their role and relates to their position in the OOM

Charlie fireteam
1- POINTMAN (grenadier)
4- LMG
Delta fireteam
5- DELTA POINT(Marksman)
6- 2IC
7- CTM
8- LMG

Upon entering vehicles the section ic calls a ‘sound off’ here each section member starting with number 1 calls out on the radio ‘1 IN’ ‘2 IN’ ‘3 IN’ etc etc up to number 8 and he calls ‘8 in last man’ this way it helps the section ic know if a man is missing and not on board the vehicle.

One thing to note here is you do not call your number until you hear the previous number called this stops confusion. even if you are sitting in the vehicle.
this also works for ammo/ casualties (AMCAS) checks after a contact.

After a contact, the section IC or 2IC will call ‘AMCAS REPORT’ here using the same process as above each section member reports over the radio ‘1 OK’ ‘2 OK’ etc etc. this way the section will quickly know if they have a man down that has not been spotted. If your ammo is low you can also pass that info to the IC so that resupplies can be organized. you should focus only on Magazines and Grenades unless specifically asked by the IC/ 2IC

Although I've given 2 ways of using the number system this can be used at any time that a quick section org is needed
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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