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Platoon Tactics
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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13th Mar 2018

This SOP is to give guidance to platoon commanders and must be taken into consideration when planning movement, as usual, it has been adopted from NATO doctrine and adapted to suit ARMA. This SOP is required reading for anybody in a command role.

a. Formations. Leaders choose the formation based on their analysis of Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops, Time Available and the likelihood of enemy contact.
(1) Section/Squad formations. All soldiers must be able to see their leader.
(a) Arrowhead/Wedge This is a basic formation in the field it will be used unless modified because of terrain, dense vegetation or mission.
(b) Single File Used in close terrain, dense vegetation or limited visibility.
(c) staggered file Primary formation when patrolling an urban area and will be used unless Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops & Time Available dictates otherwise
(d) Line Used when maximum firepower is needed (to the front) can also be used to clear areas of woodland.

(2) Platoon formations. Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops & Time Available will determine where attached weapons teams more in the formation. They normally move with the platoon commander so he can quickly establish a base of fire.
(a) Column. Primary platoon formation–used unless Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops & Time Available dictates otherwise.
(b) platoon line. Used when platoon commander wants all soldiers on the line for maximum fire-power forward. Used when enemy situation is known.
(c) platoon Vee. Used when enemy situation is vague but contact is expected to the front.
(d) Platoon Wedge Used when enemy situation is vague and contact is not expected.
There are more formations for you to consider but the ones listed above are ETR standard formations chosen due to ease of control for commanders if you feel confident that your team is experienced enough then feel free to adopt more difficult formations such as diamond.
b. Movement Techniques. Commanders choose a movement technique based on their analysis of Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops, Time Available and likelihood of enemy contact.
(1) Travelling. Used when contact is not likely and speed is important.
(2) Travelling Overwatch. Used when contact is possible but speed is important.
(3) Bounding Overwatch. Used when contact is likely or imminent.
c. Foot patrols. When moving long distances on foot it is important to stop regularly to ensure that soldiers stamina levels are maintained if you get into contact with a fatigued platoon/section their combat effectiveness will be reduced, remember load-outs will affect how far each solider can jog for and will usually be shorter for machine gunners and AT riflemen each time you stop it is considered a HALT.

2. ACTIONS AT HALTS. During halts, security is posted and all approaches into the platoon's area are covered by key weapon systems. The platoon sergeant moves through the platoon, checking security as he goes, and meets with the platoon commander to determine the reason for the halt.
a. During halts of 30 seconds or less, the soldiers drop to one knee and cover their assigned arc.
b. During Halts longer than 30 seconds all-round defence is formed, and the soldiers assume the prone position

3. ACTIONS ON CONTACT. On contact, the platoon executes the appropriate battle drill.
a. React to Contact
b. Break Contact
c. React to Ambush.

As with all SOPS, these are intended as a point of reference for training and also to be read before operations. If you have any questions movement techniques will be covered in greater detail during training sessions but feel free to PM me (OR BOB) for any clarification especially on the difference between travelling over-watch and bounding over-watch as this seems to elude many people.

Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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