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Fire Control Orders
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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13th Mar 2018

This is the first small SOP which is easy to remember and will stop newbies blatting off 10 magazines in 2 minutes is the Fire Control Orders (FCO)
there are four fire control orders that can be issued by your section IC/ 2IC. these are:


Rapid fire is the fastest Rate of Fire (ROF) issued to a section your fire rate should be 1 round every 2-3 seconds. LMGs/ MGs is a 3-5 round burst

deliberate fire is the middle ground in ROF and as such is 1 round every 5 seconds again LMGs/ MGs 3-5 round burst.

Watch and shoot is the slowest ROF there is not a set speed at which you should be firing but instead, you are to only engage enemies that you can see once they have been PIDed.

lastly and some may say most importantly is cease fire. This FCO is quite simply STOP Firing. It is important that once you hear this FCO you immediately STOP firing. which doesn’t mean shoot that last enemy you can see, there could be many reasons why your Section IC has told you to STOP firing which you may not be privy too.

RAPID FIRE- 2-3 secs
WATCH AND SHOOT- PID and engage enemies you can see/ hit
CEASE FIRE- Immediately Stop Firing

It is important to try and discipline ourselves into using these FCO in order to keep the sections combat readiness as high as possible for as long as possible. as section ICs you don’t want to be having to RTB the section after every contact because you’ve not used the FCOs or as a squaddie be the one guy that has to ponce magazines off your mates because you’ve blitzed through 10 mags in the first contact

Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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