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Command Roles - Basic Responsibilities
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13th Mar 2018

This post is to give a generic overview of the common command roles we use in operations, and to some extent the public server also. It is designed to give you an idea of the limit of authority of you your role, it is important reading for those who wish to take command roles in ops.

Company/Squadron Commander. (intentionally left blank as a placeholder for future ops)


The platoon leader is responsible for accomplishing the platoon's mission. He is responsible for positioning and employing all assigned and attached crew-served weapons. He must know how to employ supporting weapons.

  1. He leads the platoon in support of company and battalion orders.
  2. He Informs his commander of his actions at all times (obviously not required in a platoon op)
  3. He plans missions with the help of the platoon sergeant and squad/section commanders, and other key personnel.
  4. He stays abreast of the situation and goes where he is needed to supervise, issue orders, and accomplish the mission.
  5. He requests support for the platoon from company commander to perform its mission (again in platoon ops Commanders will start with all available support)
  6. He directs the platoon sergeant in planning and coordinating the platoons combat service support effort. (logistics, ammo resupply, and medivacs etc.)
  7. During Planning, he receives up-to-date status reports from the platoon sergeant and squad/section commanders.
  8. He reviews the platoon requirements based on the tactical plan.
  9. During execution, he monitors the platoon sergeant and squad/section commanders.
  10. He ensures loadout is reasonable.


The platoon sergeant is the senior NCO in the platoon and second in command.

  1. He supervises the logistics, administration and maintenance activities of the platoon.
  2. He employs the platoons support fire groups in accordance with the platoon commanders wishes.
  3. He receives the squad leaders requests for ammunition. He works with company 2IC to request resupply. He also directs the routing of supplies.
  4. He maintains platoon strength information, and forwards the platoons casualty reports and receives replacements.
  5. He monitors the morale and discipline of the platoon.
  6. He commands task-organized elements in the platoon during tactical operations. This can include but is not limited to, security forces in withdrawals,support elements in raids or attacks, and security patrols.
  7. He co-ordinates company directed platoon resupply.
  8. He ensures equipment and ammo are evenly distributed. (This is a critical task during consolidation and reorg.)
  9. He ensures the casualty evacuation plan is complete and executed properly by directing the platoon medic and aid teams.

This person is responsible for the squad/section.

  1. He controls the maneuver to include the formation of his section/squad and its rate and distribution of fire.
  2. He exercises his command through his fire team leaders.
  3. He manages the logistics of his squad/section, he requests ammunition and equipment from platoon HQ when required.
  4. He sends accurate casualty reports to platoon HQ and reviews the casualty reports made by fire-team leads/section 2ICs.
  5. He keeps the platoon sergeant and platoon commander informed of his squads/section supply status and equipment/vehicle readiness.
  6. He Ensures squad/section supplies and equipment are distributed in accordance with the tactical plan.
  7. He is responsible for giving compass directions and setting the pace for his section/squad on the move.

This person is in control of a small manoeuvre element that can be used in an attacking or defensive posture. Two Fireteams generally form a section/squad

  1. He controls the movement of his fire-team.
  2. He controls the rate and placement of fire by leading and using the proper commands and signals.
  3. He maintains accountability of his Fire-team and equipment. (this includes ammo and casualty status)
  4. He ensures his Fire-team maintain operational attitude in all areas.
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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