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Battle Drill SOP
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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13th Mar 2018

This SOP is a section/squad level procedure that will allow a team to carry out a deliberate attack and also how to respond to an aggressive contact in the AO. It is based on a NATO force doctrine but adapted to suit ARMA


1. PREPARE FOR BATTLE. Before a fighting element can be combat ready it must prepare, it can be done by following these simple steps.
Protection. If at abase that should be covered by base defence, if in the field following a resupply, ensure you have sentries/over-watch up to keep you covered as this is when your fighting element is most vulnerable.
Ammunition. Ensure your team has enough ammo as well as the correct ammo types, if required due to lack of supplies redistribute your ammo among team evenly.
Equipment. Ensure you have any task-specific equipment such assault ladders, anti-IED etc, Make sure that the people issued with the kit know how to use them.
Radios. If your team have radios, ensure everyone is on the correct frequency and do a radio check to confirm.
Vehicles If you have vehicles ensure they are armed and fuelled and your team know their rider positions.
Orders Issue your orders about the task (this will be covered in a separate SOP)
Advance to contact Move out on your fighting patrol.

2. REACTION TO EFFECTIVE ENEMY FIRE. If your team come under effective fire, that is rounds landing around you or taking casualties. The simple response is RTR.
Return fire (2 rounds in general enemy direction to get their heads down)
Take cover
Return accurate Fire

3. LOCATE THE ENEMY. If the enemy position is not known, it is imperative that you locate it, try to look for tell-tales such as muzzle flash or movement. If This fails you can try to fire at obvious enemy fire positions to get a reaction. If you can still not locate the enemy your only option will be to try and draw the enemy into engaging by having a min of 2 section members quickly burst forward no more then 10 meters into new cover, with the remainder observing for the enemy firing point. If after all this you still cannot locate the enemy the command element will have to make a decision to carry on with the task or withdraw.

4. SUPPRESS THE ENEMY The command element should use a FCO (Fire Control Order) to use all available weapons to suppress the enemy position and thereby win the fire-fight.

5. ATTACK A command element will issue QBO’s (quick battle orders) the section/squad will then assault, fight through, an exploit the enemy position. This phase will be covered in greater detail on the training server and other training notes.

6. RE-GROUP. the command element should rally the team together then quickly carry out the following steps.
Protection Ensure the section/squad is in a defensive position with all-round defence.
Ammunition Count checks the sections/squads ammo levels.
Casualty check Get an Accurate casualty count and types.
Equipment Equipment Check
Searches If required use a minimum of 2 men to search the dead enemy position, one to search while one covers. this must be carried out swiftly.
Sitrep Send a SITREP on the command net, PLT HQ will need this ASAP
Dig In Prepare for a possible enemy counterattack.
Orders Issue orders to the team, regarding the next move/task.

This SOP is designed to be accompanied by live training on the server and serve as a reference point, it is also required reading for anybody in a command role.
Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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