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ACE Medical extension 16-03-2019
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16th Mar 2019

New features to medical:
Hello all, in tonights operation we will use an extended version of Ace medical with a supplementary rework of CPR. Never fear, at this point in time we have not introduced any new items for regular players and only few for medics, however, a drastic improvement is made to the features surrounding treatment.

Here is a breakdown of changes, ending with a theoretical simulation and a step by step guide on how such a situation should be handled from you. If you have any questions post them here.

Revive system:
A state in between fully alive and completely dead, where you can help your buddy. It will take focused effort, but you can save your buddy where he would otherwise have been out for the night.
CPR rework with AED:
CPR now has a purpose – it keeps a player alive while he is in revive state. Do CPR when a person does not have a pulse. You will need medics to effectively treat your buddy, but YOU are keeping him alive until then with continued CPR.

An unconscious person can not protect himself – maybe something blocks the airways, it could be patients own tongue. You need to make sure your buddy can breathe, and if he cant, “hyperextend the head” to make way. Just don’t leave right after, as the head needs to be held In place. You can do other things as long as you stay close though.

Airways interaction requires you select the head body part, CPR requires the torso, just like medicine are injected into limbs.

Theoretical situation:
Patient gets shot bad -> pain and bleeding -> unconscious

(A)    airway problems: obstructed airway
(B)    Breathing problems: no problem, not simulated

(C)    Circulation problems: bleeding, cardiac arrest/revive state
(D)   Disability problems: unconscious, crippled limb, pain

Ordinary soldiers respond first to casualty

What are the risks?
(A) Airways: substantial risk of death if left alone, but no danger if the airways never get blocked. Blocked airways = suffocation.
(C) Circulation: two problems
- Bleeding: unless bleeding is stopped, the patient will drop in Blood pressure to the point of circulatory failure, meaning the revive state begins.
- However, if the initial damage is great enough, the patient can be so harmed that he enter revive state right away. Consider this possibility especially if someone is hit by a full burst of MG, explosions or during close range firefights. No way to be sure other than checking fast though.  

Treatment priority:

-          Secure area/recover casualty to safety
-          Asses injury -> call for help + request medic on site

This includes in order
o   1 check airways

o   2 check pulse
o   3 evaluate how much blood has been lost  

o   4 how fast is the patient bleeding
-          Make sure your leader knows whether you can handle it yourself, or you need help

Optimal treatment in order of importance without medic:

-          Any person secures airway (hyperextend head, then stay close to maintain)
-          1 person begin CPR if needed - continues non stop

-          Any person stop bleeding (Tourniquet all limbs if needed)
-          Any person Stop bleeding (bandage head and torso, then limbs)

Depending on severity, this situation can be stabilized/maintained with 1 person, but can require the attention of 2-4 individuals. Medics can provide radio supervision if needed.
If medics are present, let them take over treatment, and follow their instructions. Always inform other people of what you are doing.
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Forum » Training Area » Standard Operating Procedures
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