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Zulu helicopter randomisation
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Would you like to have the helicopter on Insurgency spawned randomly?

Yes, I'd like that.
Yes, and I would be interested in extending the script to different aspects of the mission.
I'm not sure.
No, go away.

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20th Mar

I'd like to submit a script suggestion that randomises the available helicopter(s) on FATA and Takistan insurgency with possibility to be extended to domination.
The reason I would like this script to be used is simply to add more variety to the server because it can and does get dull and tedious there very quickly. I also like the idea of making use of the considerable mod arsenal that we have.
I chose the helicopters as a target for the script because it is something that is relatively "unimportant" to test it with. If it works as intended and once all errors have been ironed out, the script could be modified to be used on different aspects of the mission. For example, the available squads could slightly change each mission, with a couple of default squads that are always there and then some that rotate to freshen things up, if the community wishes.
But that's all still far away and for now the script is only intended to change the type of helicopter that spawns. If someone could figure out how to change the pilot character / gear available accordingly (so that a Marine pilot flies a Marine helicopter), please let me know or modify it right away. Cheers!
Best regards,

EDIT: The attached .rar-folder containing the script is called sharp7621521565735j7l.rar for some reason... it is not a virus!
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20th Mar
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21st Mar

24 hours later

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Maff 18th May
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tis hard to do so while being in the army
Lurkerchosuke 14th May
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