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Aliabad Insurgency
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Joined: 19th Feb 2013
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2nd Jun 2020

After the success that was Operation WEAVER, there was a unanimous agreement amongst several members who found the map to be of spiffing quality and would now like to see this Terrain on the public server, running the Insurgency game mode.

This map offers a fresh terrain, with varied and detailed features, which helps considerably with immersion - all contained in a small package, perfectly suiting player count of 2-20 players from ages 9 to 99!

Looking forward to hearing from everyones opinion!

Map Name: Aliabad

Gamemode: Insurgency

Workshop: ... etails/?id=918639806

Showcase Videos:

(Auto translated Closed Captions available for video below)

(Warning! terrible music):

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Last Edit: 2nd Jun 2020 by Viking Red
Joined: 15th Sep 2014
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3rd Jun 2020

Nice one, Viking!

I spent a fair amount of time recceing Aliabad and found it a very nice terrain offering both medium-long range and close quarters fighting opportunities.

I think Aliabad would be a nice change and best suited for those that want to nip out on a quick patrol for a an hour or two.

I am all for this but I understand the "less mods is best" policy and "C'mon... It's only xxxMB" can get out of control fairly quickly.

Of course, if Aliabad isn't added to the rotation, then the next best thing is to make an operation...
The north is still full of Terry!!

The enemy invariably attacks on only two occasions:
When you are ready and when you are not.

Forum » Public Server » Server Suggestions
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Aliabad Insurgency
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