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Operations Guidelines
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18th Mar 2018

European Tactical Realism Operational guidelines.

As with the public server, most rules are based on common sense, but these guidelines are presented to enable everyone to have a successful operation and to set the tone of all operations. The mind-set of operations is inherently more serious than that of the public server, operations by their very nature are a lot more immersive so you must maintain what we will call an operational attitude at all times, this is to ensure you do not ruin someone else’s experience, be warned that failure to comply with operational attitude will see you banned from attending future operations until you can demonstrate to management that you understand the concept. If you do not think you can not adhere to this, the simple solution is to stick to public server play.

What is Operational Attitude.

In its most basic form Operational attitude means that while in game you focus on the mission, based on your role. Think of it as Role playing, while in game, you act as if you are your character, you do not discuss Real world events you focus on the mission. It is important that you whatever role you select you play as that role, if you are a rifleman you do not tell the command element what to do, any issues that arise in-game are to be discussed in the appropriate forum/channel after the mission. Be Warned, Operational Attitude is expected to be adopted as soon as you enter the briefing channel. If you are struggling you may be muted as a warning, failure to then comply may see you removed from the op.


1 .Only sign up If you can guarantee your attendance for the OP, if you can not commit to four hours to play the operation, don’t sign up.
2. Only select a role that you are confident in, some roles may require qualifications, ensure you have the correct qualification.
3. If you have to cancel your attendance you must give good notice, at least 2 hours before op start time preferably the day before. Any no-shows after this will lose the right to attend ops unless they have a valid good excuse, it takes 30 secs to send an email, so I forgot will not be tolerated.
4. You must be in the TS server in good time before the start of the Operation so that we can confirm that the mission is a go.
5. Listen to any briefs fully, if you are not a command element, you may not throw your two cents in, remember play your role.
6. You must comply and follow the orders of any command echelon higher than you, if you disagree or think they are wrong, you will have a chance to discuss this after the mission.
7. The only time this guideline 6 will not apply is if the order is a clear violation of ETR policy, or management have stepped in to resolve an issue.
8. If you are the mission commander you will be expected to plan your mission with your command elements before the op, You should have a viable plan 30 mins before the operation starts. You will be sent briefing packs to facilitate this.
9. On Mission start section commanders/squad leads will have ten minutes to brief their teams, this will consist of a brief of your first task in detail, any logistics issues should be sorted by then, i.e. correct radio channels, fire team make up, correct ammo and equipment. This will be covered in detail by the training wing.
10. Play your Role, if you are a grunt, follow orders, if you are a leader, lead. If you think your leader has a bad plan you will be able to get your point across after the OP. If you are in command of a support element do not try to enforce tactics on the infantry commanders. (again this will be covered in training)
11. Going AFK or disconnecting repeatedly will result in you being banned from future ops, its disruptive and annoying. The odd toilet break is acceptable but you must let your command element know in good time you will be AFK. Anything over 5 mins must have a valid reason to not be considered a violation.
12. No shooting upon friendly forces intentionally, this also applies to throwing grenades, even if non-lethal, at friendly forces. This rule should not be broken under any circumstances. Accidents will be investigated by management after the operation.
13. The use of exploits or glitches or any unintended tactical advantage is forbidden.
14. Metagaming is forbidden, the use of any out of game information to gain tactical knowledge is forbidden, this includes Steam, any PM system. Even checking the Team-speak screen and sharing this information will be considered Metagaming.
15. Respect other members, this means not being offensive to anyone, remember operations are more intense than standard play, try to maintain a decorum. If you are a grunt and a leader shouts at you to move, he is not shouting at you he is shouting at your player, remember that,
16. As with Metagaming, do not communicate with others in the mission, using outside programs other than the TeamSpeak that the server is using. An example of this would be using Steam messages to talk to a member of another squad so that you can find out what is or isn’t in the AO, or their current location/status, this also includes sending pokes on TeamSpeak.
18. The only time guideline 16 does not apply is if you need to contact management with a game breaking issue.
19. You must use English on the radio and when communicating with squad members who are not native speakers of your language. e.g. If everybody in alpha squad is French then they may communicate in French when working independently of other units, but around other units you must speak English as to not break immersion.
20. Do not do anything that could cause a detrimental effect to gameplay.
21. You must have a working microphone and be in the correct team-speak channels at all times.
22. Any in-game disputes will be resolved by management and must not effect the experience of other players.
23. Managements will mediate all issues and disputes that are not a direct result of the game, their decision is final.
24. Management will not make tactical/strategic decisions on anyone’s behalf, do not try to break the in game chain of command.
25. You will not be allowed to reconnect after in-game death, even if you believe it to be a bug, this is a harsh rule but prevents any misdemeanours.
26. If you have periods of downtime, stay switched on; dicking around, causing a nuisance or disruptiveness will result in you being removed from the operation.
27. If you have for some strange reason free time in an op, then all conversation must be in character, you can chat as much shit as you like with each other once the operation has ended.
28. Over-watch, sentry duty, guard posts, observation positions, and holds are not free time.
29. As a grunt you do not decide the best weapon and equipment load-out, This will be designated by your command element, based on their plan to complete their objective.
30. You will not replace your weapon system, with captured OPFOR/Independent weapons, or replace your mode of transport with OPFOR/civilian vehicles. The only time this will not cause you to receive a warning is if the highest command element deems it a necessary risk critical option. Be warned if management deem your command decision making to be flawed, you may not be allowed to retake command roles until deemed competent by the training wing.

This list is not exhaustive and maybe changed at anytime without notice so make sure you keep up to date before operations by reading them. Operations play is an important aspect of ETR and highly immersive for many players and breaking of these rules will not be tolerated as it ruins the gameplay for others no matter your time in as a part of ETR if you can not agree to these guidelines you will not be entitled to play operations. While some rules may seem harsh it is to ensure everybody can have an immersive operational experience.

As a member you will be expected to make an effort to attend operations, if for whatever reason, you cannot attend, please take the time to let us know in good time, so we can make an necessary logistical changes to the operation.

I have decided 98% of problems in the world are caused by auto correct.

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Forum » General Area » Information & Rules Locked
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