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How Do I Join European Tactical Realism
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13th Mar

If you play regularly on the server and like the community then this thread is for you.

What are we looking For?
An ideal ETR member is someone who enjoys teamwork, helping new players, playing tactically and importantly plays the role they have selected. If you are in a subordinate role, i.e. Rifleman, then listen to your team leaders and squad leaders, even if you think your ideas are better, always play your role. Likewise if you are a team leader, then let your team know your intentions and aims and lead them don’t just follow the squad aimlessly letting them freelance. You must be mature, we don’t take ourselves to seriously, but you must know when its time for laughs and time for game faces. You must have a working microphone as communication is key on our server.
Our primary language is English, but within your fire-teams you may use your native tongue just remember to break back into English if you have a multi national squad. To be considered you should have been active on our public server,  so we can ensure that the group is the right fit for you.

How Do I apply?
The application process is simple first all you need to do is copy the Application Form once you have done that just start a new topic on this Board with your name as the topic title and then paste the copied application form with the questions answered. Your application will then be reviewed.

The recruitment process
If you are already known to the community from previous games you will more than likely be accepted as a member straight away, if we don’t know you, do not worry you will still be accepted you will just be on an initial probationary period. During this period you will be listed as a recruit. This is just so we can make sure that this is the group for you. Just be yourself and play on the server, each month management will get feedback from members about recruits they have played with and if you stick to the guidance above in ‘what are we looking for’ you should be okay. You will have an opportunity in the form of a 1-1 with the recruitment team to get feedback on your process.

Why Become A Member?
Well first of all you will be joining a great community but not only that you become a trusted member of the team, you will have access to restricted roles on the public server that require maturity and trust and you will be invited to join us on operations which are community made missions, with set objectives role selections and outcomes.
Forum » General Area » Information & Rules Locked
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Operation Magistral - Saturday 26th May - Sign Up
Howdy Everyone!

Next Operation sign up is now LIVE!

Head HEREto sign up for the next Cold War Operation

The Operations Repo has been updated to suit as well

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T. Roberts 18th May
Not a shred.
T. Roberts 18th May
Definitely no possibility of doubt in my mind.
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
T. Roberts 18th May
Yeah totally.
Maff 18th May
What? The guys equipped by the Soviet Union are on our side?
T. Roberts 18th May
We're going to have to hope the ANA step up their game :'D
Maff 18th May
That's it. Remind us all that we will be defending Khassadar from a Russian attack with half the amount of troops! Cheers, Roberts.
T. Roberts 18th May
If anyone wants a preview of what's to come next week (and trust me, you do not want to miss it!) and you don't mind the obvious self plugging - check this out: ... O9YFQKrz0RKHoKNaPP1l­
T. Roberts 17th May
Come on guys, I don't quite fancy holding off an entire Russian army from a Harrier by my self...
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