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18th Mar 2018

These are set of rules to govern the chat box and discord, they are here to keep the community harmonised and prevent a spiral into chaos. Breaches of these rules will cause the chat box to be erased or discord posts removed so in turn will cause management some effort, which will likely mean you will receive a warning. Repeated abuse of the chat Box or discord may result in a temporary ban until you calm down or return to sanity.

No racist remarks.
No posting of links to offensive material. (What is and is not offensive is deemed by Management and their moral Compass.)
No Spam or circle jerk
Humour between members is fine, but be advised what you find funny or acceptable, another member may not so apply common sense before pressing Send (again the moral compass will come into play)
Open clear abuse of other members is not acceptable and will more than likely result in a ban.
Posting links to other groups or clans is not acceptable this is a site for the ETR community and nothing else.
No negative comments about other arma communities or posts that could incite drama with other communities.
The shout box is not an instant messaging service for management if your message is for Management and them alone send a PM. Using the @ tag for bug reports or server rotation requests in discord is however acceptable.
Negative discourse between members is not acceptable, if you have an issue to resolve do it via PM
If you think your message is dodgy, then it is, do not post
At any time management may add additional controls to prevent chaos and maintain harmony.

I have decided 98% of problems in the world are caused by auto correct.

Last Edit: 21st Mar 2018 by Bob
Forum » General Area » Information & Rules Locked
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Welcome to ETR!
Hi there!

Welcome to European Tactical Realism!

Here at ETR you may have already seen or played on our 24/7 Public Server (If not get involved!)

Check out our Discord Server for more instant and upto date information -  HERE

We also do Operations varying across a number of Eras (Modern inc. Conventional & Special Forces & WW2 Era at this moment in time, more to follow!)

If you'd like to get involved head over to the application page located -  HERE

Pay attention to the requirements on this page as failure to adhere to these will result in your application being denied!

Any issues feel free to contact me on here or via Discord

Cheers and I hope to see you soon!

Sharp (Founder of ETR)
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