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A Guide for New Players
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13th Mar 2018

This is a very simple guide designed to help players new to the server. For Operations you will receive organised detailed training from the training wing. It will cover basic terms and roles just so you understand what your team-mates are doing. The main asset in the game is the infantry squad and this guide will allow you act as part of one, each nation has different types of squads but the advice given here is generic

Squad/Section Roles and Responsibilities

Squad/Section commander: This is the person responsible for the whole squad. It is their job to plan the objectives and movements of the squad, and also communicate with other squads and support assets. Ensure your squad knows your plan and always be aware of other friendly units locations and objectives. This is usually a good role for experienced players.
Fire team Lead: You are responsible for your fire team, to ensure they have the correct ammunition and equipment. You lead your team to carry out the squad commanders orders. You must be prepared to take over the squad at short notice so have a good idea of the commanders plan This is a good role for confident players that want to try there hand at leading others.
Rifleman: The work horse of any infantry section. A rifleman is primarily used to engage and kill the enemy. They will often take point and act as the eyes and ears of the squad. A great role for new players as it is the most flexible.
Automatic Rifleman/Machine gunner: An important role as it is your job to suppress and fix the enemy. In the most simple terms you fire at the enemy so they cant fire back or move while someone else closes and engages. Good for providing Over watch and covering risk areas while others move.
Marksman/sharpshooter: your Job is to take out priority targets. while the rest lay down a wall of fire you should be picking off officers, machine gunners and AT threats. Also useful for taking out lone targets at range. can also provide limited over-watch.
Ammo bearer: Your main function is that of a rifleman, but with the important job of carrying ammo for the squads support weapon. This ammo is usually heavy so you bring spare so the AR is not too overburdened.
Grenadier: Traditionally the grenadiers would post grenades before an assault, now with under slung launchers they can engage enemies not in direct line of sight of the section, especially useful for engaging targets in defilade or behind cover.
Medic: You are first and foremost a rifleman and secondly responsible for First Aid. You should always carry enough supplies to deal with multiple casualties and resupply the team. Never expose yourself to danger to try and get to a casualty. It is not your Job to recover the casualties, its the squad commander who plans casualty recovery, its your job to patch them up, so listen out for any quick battle orders from your team lead in fire-fights. Remember if you get hit there is no medic to patch you up. This is a good role for experienced players.
AT/anti-tank:This is a rifleman that carries a light to medium anti-tank weapon, not all infantry squads will have a dedicated AT operator and in that case AT may/might be carried by one of the other fire team roles.


Always try to communicate Directly with team members, the radio is reserved for essential communications such as orders and reporting contacts. Tell your Team lead everything in direct and he will decide if any information needs to be passed to the whole squad on the net. If you have eyes on contact inform your team lead with voice. If you need to warn everyone of Danger then keep your message brief and clear, as the squad lead will almost certainly be on the radio as soon as you have finished to give orders to the teams. If you are taking fire then give a quick Target indication over the radio. Just give a direction and a indicator, The squad leads will take over from there an example message would be “North east, red house, shooter on the balcony” don’t get too hung up on terminology this will come in time with practice. Always talk in direct if the person you want to communicate with is next to you. Most importantly always think of what you want to say before you press the presell switch, this will stop you hogging the net with confusing or garbled messages .

Rules of Engagement

Rules of engagement or ROE for short is basically when you can or can not fire at the enemy and is dependant on a whole host of factors to much for this guide. Many people use different terms but for the sake of new players I will explain the most common one which is the traffic light system.

Weapons Red: This is hold fire, you are not to engage unless specifically ordered to by your team lead.
Weapons Yellow/Amber: You may fire only if fired upon, so that means you can engage any targets shooting at you.
Weapons Green: You are cleared to engage any hostile targets, be wary of engaging targets at extreme ranges as your team lead may want to devise a plan to engage these targets.

Make sure you positively identify any target before you engage. This is often called PID. This will ensure you don’t hit civilians or friendly units. Try to minimise damage to civilian areas, so be careful if using High explosives in urban areas. If you destroy a building that has an ammo cache in it there is a chance you may not ever find that cache.


When moving in vehicles there are some alterations to the roles and responsibilities I will just give a generic explanation to cover most vehicles.

Driver: This is the person responsible for driving and manoeuvring the vehicle. Be aware of your speed and change it dependant on the terrain, if moving cross country watch for hidden obstacles that may damage your vehicle. This is normally a rifleman
Navigator: Responsible for navigation, He should have a good idea of vehicle position at all times and direct the driver on the route. This is normally FT lead.
Gunner: This is the person that operates the weapon system. He should be calling out all points of interests from his vantage point, making the crew aware of obstacles and threats. They will also supress any threat to the vehicle under the team leaders ROE. Try not to use the Automatic rifleman or machine gunner for this role as it will limit your teams overall firepower in a fire-fight.
Passenger: this is all other riding positions try to keep eyes out and be ready to indicate any threats.

On short stops the navigators and passengers should dismount and provide local security by setting up all round defence, this is so you can rapidly react to any threats. At longer stops the vehicle should be manoeuvred into the best position to provide the gunner with a good firing Arc and everyone except the gunner should dismount and provide local security.

When moving in convoy try to keep good spacing between vehicles to allow the vehicles behind room to react to any threats. The lead gunner should cover the front of the convoy the rear gunner should cover the rear of the convoy and the rest should be covering left and right alternately along the convoy this will provide the best defence on the move and provide much better observation of threats as the gunners will only have to cover their arcs. If the lead vehicle is going to stop or change direction unexpectedly let the others in the convoy know in good time. Unless you have specific call signs a good rule of thumb is the lead vehicle will be Victor 1, and then victor’s 2,3,4 etc. this will stop any confusion over the radio.

General Gameplay Tips

Always play your role
If you are not sure what is happening confirm your brief by asking your one up i.e. Team Lead.
Always carry ammunition and equipment appropriate to your task.
Always get clearance for HE as friendly’s may be moving toward your target areas.
Always follow your teams ROE.
As a minimum always move in pairs, so you will always have someone backing you up as you carry out your task.
When ever you have been in contact, reload your weapon before moving to a new position, this ensures you have a full mag if you encounter a new threat,
Smoke grenades are a great way to cover moves across dangerous ground or covering a withdrawal. Always use white smoke for this purpose, coloured smoke grenades are for signals or marking areas. Realistically a white smoke grenade propels a lot more smoke than a coloured one however this is not modelled that well in Arma.
Squad Leads if things are going bad do not be afraid to pull back, reorganise and reassess your plan.
Always make contact with your team lead before leaving base. This is especially important when returning to battle after being wounded.

Again this is not an in-depth guide, it is just something for beginners to get thier teeth into, the best way to learn is by playing with experienced players watching what they do and emulating them. If you have any questions post a reply and someone will give you sound reply. For any detailed information about roles or training Speak to Chalky.


All round defence: positions or formation that provides close to 360 degrees observation and firing arcs.
AT: Anit-tank
Arc/Arc of fire: Direction you should cover
Bearing: direction given as a compass heading
Clear back blast: The act of checking the rear of a rocket or missile weapon system. usually called out by the operator immediately before firing
Concealment: something that blocks line of sight to you
Cover: something that will provide protection from fire
CP: checkpoint
Dead ground: ground you can not see from your postion such as behind a slope away from you.
Defilade: Ground that gives cover from view and fire.
ETA: estimated time of arrival
ETD: estimated time of departure
Flank: to come to a postion from the side I.e. Flank attack
FOB: forward operating base
FUP: form up point
Klick: sometimes used instead of kilometre
LZ: landing zone
Mic: sometimes used instead of minute.
OP: observation point
Oscar Mike: server slang for on the move.
PID: positive identification
RV: rendezvous point
re-org: reorganisation
Rally: come together
Watch and shoot: watch a direction and fire on hostile targets that present themselves.
There is literally hundreds of different terms used by different players you will soon come to understand their meaning.
Forum » General Area » Information & Rules Locked
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